After one of the best qualifying rounds the Vans Park Series has seen all year we are set for our Finals day. 

Checkout the heats below, can the challengers repeat their efforts in Vancouver taking the podium spots from the Pro Select skaters?

Live webcast kicks off at 3pm (PDT) today right here at! 

Heat 1
4500thumb.jpg Ivan Federico ITA.png
636thumb.jpg Josh Borden USA.png
4018thumb.jpg Zion Wright USA.png
18794thumb.jpg Murillo Peres BRA.png
4596thumb.jpg Collin Graham USA.png
Heat 2
6192thumb.jpg Tristan Rennie USA.png
6187thumb.jpg Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg SWE.png
2828thumb.jpg Tom Schaar USA.png
3849thumb.jpg Sky Siljeg USA.png
4809thumb.jpg Cory Juneau USA.png
Heat 3
3987thumb.jpg Greyson Fletcher USA.png
2684thumb.jpg Kevin Kowalski USA.png
2675thumb.jpg Jack Fardell AUS.png
45thumb.jpg Collin Provost USA.png
1322thumb.jpg Curren Caples USA.png
Heat 4
2459thumb.jpg Aaron Homoki USA.png
5856thumb.jpg Chris Russell USA.png
5296thumb.jpg Ronnie Sandoval USA.png
78thumb.jpg Grant Taylor USA.png
1392thumb.jpg Ben Hatchell USA.png
2380thumb.jpg Raven Tershy USA.png