Todd Francis

Todd Francis

Thank you for doing the logo this year Todd!  

It was a pleasure and a privilege.  I also drew a whole bunch of characters inhabiting a filthy skatepark that go along with the logo, I sure hope you find it pleasing to the eye.  

Are we going to be seeing a lot of pigeons?  

This year, the vermin of choice are rats.  Dirty rats.  I don't want to just go with pigeons for the second year in a row, that'd be way too predictable.  But if you're missing pigeons, you could always go for a walk. 

Alex Sorgente won last year, who was a challenger…  do you have any predictions for who will win this year? 

 I'm glad you asked.  I'm predicting Nik Nik "Buster" Mbwawa takes home the big win this year, he's a sleeper tranny ripper from Namibia who i'm sure you're been hearing about.  I can't wait to see him up on the winner's platform, because he only speaks in clicks and pops, their language is called Khoisan.   

What do you think of the women’s contest?  Its kind of emerging as a series with a lot of impact. 

Personally, I like it more actually.  The women seem to be having a lot more fun than the dudes.  Although i'm biased, I usually prefer women to men anyways.  

If we had a time machine and held these contests in the past, would could you see being winners?  

Oh man, so many possibilities....Phil Shao would've been amazing to see in something like this.  Alan Peterson too.  And Marty Feldman.  And Larry Fine.  So many to choose from, this is tough. 

Maybe we could hold a veterans division?  

Well, who cares what I think about this kind of stuff, but i'm all for anything that can give the older dudes a chance to make some money and have a good time I'm all for.  Supply and demand! 

What else are you working on?  How’s Anti-Hero going?  

I'm up to my ears with stuff right now...working on tons of stuff for Antihero, board graphics and the usual hijinks, as well as doing projects with Stance, doing art for a funny animated emoji app called EmoJam, and about to do a series of art shows featuring my Antihero art and my studio work that Vans is sponsoring, so watch for the cities and dates for that, it should be a good time.   

I’ve noticed a lot of cartoons on your Gram (@toddfrancisart), are you doing work for magazines?  

Yeah, i do a monthly art page for Penthouse called The Fun Page which is always a pantload of fun, plus the occasional piece for Monster Children or What Youth or other publications.  I still love actual magazines you can hold and read, so I like to do that sort of work whenever possible.