Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier Determines Final World Championships Advancing Field and Current VPS Women’s World Champion Brighton Zeuner Dominates Huntington Beach Stop 

At the Vans Pro Park, the first Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier of the season charged through the afternoon, showcasing 16 of the world’s best women’s park terrain skateboarders in the final qualifying race to the VPS World Championships. Current women’s park terrain World Champion Brighton Zeuner celebrated a dominating first place win, demonstrating expert flow and style into the finals against an eager competitive field. 13-year-old Zeuner is one of three VPS Women’s Select Pros, automatically seeded into the upcoming world championships event. Zeuner is joined by Bryce Wettstein in 2nd, and Nora Vasconcellos in 3rd. Today’s exciting showcase also determined the final 7 highest-ranking VPS women’s challengers to advance into the official VPS World Championships in Shanghai on September 23

1st Place Run, Brighton Zeuner - 84.69

Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results

1. Brighton Zeuner
2. Bryce Wettstein
3. Nora Vasconcellos 

Vans Park Series World Championships – Advancing to Shanghai on September 23

1. Nora Vasconcellos
2. Bryce Wettstein
3. Kody Tamanaha
4. Grace Marhoefer
5. Hanna Zanzi
6. Lizzie Armanto
7. Yndiara Asp

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