Women’s VPS World Championship Competitors Decided 

Swede Karl Berglind Leads Pack of Ten VPS Men’s Pro Tour Challengers Advancing to Pro Tour Semi-Finals

Huntington Beach, CALIF. (August 5, 2017) – The global skateboarding series to determine the field for 2017’s Vans Park Series (VPS) World Championships in Shanghai, China on September 23 comes to its conclusion today in Huntington Beach, setting the stage for the ultimate park terrain skateboarding showdown.

 The Women’s VPS World Championship final contenders are now secured, while the Men’s VPS Pro Tour prelim results heighten the stakes for elimination in today’s semi-final and final rounds.

Charging through the Vans Pro Park course with expert flow, reigning Women’s VPS park terrain World Champion Brighton Zeuner celebrated another incredible victory this season, taking first place at the Women’s VPS Global Qualifier against 15 of the world’s best female park terrain skateboarders. The top seven highest-ranking women’s tour pros not already qualified for the World Championships, including favorites Nora VasconcellosBryce Wettstein, and Lizzie Armanto, will now advance to the title event to join VPS Select Pros and Women’s Continental Champions in Shanghai.

Bryce Wettstein (2nd), Brighton Zeuner (1st), Nora Vasconcellos (3rd)  Photo: Anthony Acosta</span>

Bryce Wettstein (2nd), Brighton Zeuner (1st), Nora Vasconcellos (3rd) Anthony Acosta

In the Men’s VPS Pro Tour prelims, 17 eager Tour Challengers battled it out for ten spots in the semi-finals. Leading the pack with a score of 89.05, Sweden’s Karl Berglind attacked the Vans Pro Park course, executing consistent trick variety and clean, focused lines. Not far behind, event wildcard Jagger Eaton also made a lasting impression, demonstrating intense technicality in every run. The top ten highest-placing Men’s Tour Challengers from Friday will meet the VPS Select Pros today for another heated all-star battle in the race to determine the VPS World Championships field in Shanghai on September 23

Watch a replay of the prelims event.

Karl Berglind (SWE) was the highest placed Tour Challenger in the Prelims  Photo: Anthony Acosta</span>

Karl Berglind (SWE) was the highest placed Tour Challenger in the Prelims Anthony Acosta

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Men’s Vans Park Series Pro Tour Huntington Beach Prelim Results, August 4 –

Advancing to Saturday Semi-Finals

  1. Karl Berglind
  2. Jagger Eaton
  3. Keegan Palmer
  4. Murilo Peres
  5. CJ Collins
  6. Tristan Rennie
  7. Tom Schaar
  8. Zion Wright
  9. Heimana Reynolds
  10. Josh Borden

Women’s VPS Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results, August 3

1. Brighton Zeuner
2. Bryce Wettstein
3. Nora Vasconcellos

Women’s VPS Park Terrain World Championship Field

Select Pros

  1. Brighton Zeuner
  2. Jordyn Barratt
  3. Kisa Nakamura

Tour Challengers

  1. Nora Vasconcellos
  2. Bryce Wettstein
  3. Kody Tamanaha
  4. Grace Marhoefer
  5. Hanna Zanzi
  6. Lizzie Armanto
  7. Yndiara Asp

Continental Champions

  1. Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS)
  2. Amelia Brodka (POL)
  3. Dora Varella (BRA)
  4. TBD (Asia)
  5. TBD (Africa)

Vans Park Series Pro Tour

Huntington Beach Schedule
Saturday, August 5


Men’s VPS Pro Tour, Semi-Finals + Finals 

The Vans Pro Park in Huntington Beach ups the ante this year, offering the biggest facelift the course has seen in recent years. The remarkable all-cement, built-to-spec VPS-certified park terrain course is situated directly on the sand and complete with stadium seating views. VPS design features include hips, a spine, setback extensions that are part of the soul of the course, and most notably, an open deep end pocket, a square island jump box and all new transfers.

The Vans Park Series returns to Huntington Beach, CA in partnership with the largest action sports festival in the world, the Vans US Open of Surfing. With thousands of spectators descending upon the festival, the highly-anticipated summer event will feature an exceptional entertainment experience, filled with world-class surf, skate and BMX competitions, in addition to the interactive Van Doren Village, which will host art exhibitions and hands-on creative workshops for attendees. Visit www.vansusopenofsurfing.com for more information.