So much more went down at Huntington Beach for the 5th stop of the VPS Men's Pro Tour that we couldn't get it all into the highlights. 

Check out the LEFTOVERS for all the extra goodness! Enjoy!

Featuring Tom Schaar, Ivan Federico, Ben Hatchell, Raven Tershy, Murilo Peres, Cory Juneau, Alex Sorgente, Willy Lara, Tristan Rennie, Ishod Wair, Ronnie Sandoval, Roman Pabich
Kevin Kowalski, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Chris Russell, Zion Wright

Filmed by Schmitty & Dan Stolling
Edited by Dan Stolling
Music: "Don't Stare At The Edge" by Destrage
Label: Metal Blade Records