Congrats on winning!

yeah man, thank you!  Appreciate it, super hyped on how that whole contest turned out, super fun. 

Seems like all the different skaters are pretty supportive, not that competitive

Yeah, all the dudes they invited are all the homies we see at every contest, it was sick having a solid crew out there.   It doesn’t feel that competitive when everyone is just stoked on each other.

It seems like in other sports, or even other types of skating, people are more competitive 

It can get competitive, but for the most part people are pretty mellow.  Truthfully its anyone’s game as long as you stay on.  Everyone is bringing something different to the table. 

Stop #1 winner Chris Russell, USA

Stop #1 winner Chris Russell, USA

How is this different than other contests

You could tell they are trying to make it as sick as possible.   The guys at the Boardr make sure everything is good.  And everyone is hyped on each other.  It was a sick time, everyone was juicing and getting all stoked.  It was a good time for sure.  It was not the super serious vibe you get at some contests.   

Who are some of the challengers you can see making it in?

You mean the non-top 15?  Alex Sorgente for sure, that dude is consistent and has mad lines, he is always a force for sure. Willy Lara, whenever I see him he’s always killing it.  Raney Beres also, he gnarly.  And some of the local Australian guys were killing it too.   

Did you see Alex Sorgente take the slam in practice?

Yeah, I was there, he smacked his face pretty good, he did a lipslide all the way around the corner and came up short, and went face first into the wall, it was gnarly.  He brushed it off like it was nothing.  

Chris Russell celebrates his win with the boys  Photo: Life Without Andy</span>

Chris Russell celebrates his win with the boys Life Without Andy

Will you go to all the events? 

Yeah, I plan to go to every single one for sure. 

If you are pre qualified, what is the motivation to go to all of them?

To break away from the hometown, to see all the homies, making a little cash is always good.  Definitely all those factors.   And it stokes Vans out.  They take care of me, super rad company.  

What did you spend the money on?

Just put it away, hopefully I’ll buy a house someday

How do you feel going forward?  You feel like you gotta hold the title?

I always like doing good, but I’m just gonna skate and have a good time, the less you expect the more you get.  I’ll just go and be hyped, and hope it works out

Chris Russell's 1st Place Run - 89.67