Park Terrain Skateboarding Competition now open to all men and women with regional eligibility

VANS APAC. (Jul 25, 2018- Vans Park Series, the definitive World Championship park terrain skateboarding competition series for men and women, is proud to announce the returning of Asia Continental Championships to Singapore’s East Coast Park after the success of 2017 men’s and women’s championships. The VPS Asia Continental Championships are now open for registration, providing an official path for regional talent to earn their way onto the official VPS World Tour circuit.

Continuing the success of 2017 Asia Continental men’s and women’s championship, VPS is expecting more elite riders from Asia to compete for the seats to 2018 World Championships in China. With the fast growing skate scene in Asia regions including China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines together with more high potential riders across the lands, high crowd and stronger competitiveness are just some of the elements to bring VPS Asia Continental Championships to a new level in 2018. 

The VPS Continental Championships are open to all skaters, men and women, meeting proof of regional eligibility and any associated entry fees, providing an official path to the Vans Park Series World Championships and a chance to earn a spot on the 2019 VPS Pro Tour.


Saturday, August 18

12.00PM local time - VPS Women’s Asia Continental Championship
2.00PM local time - VPS Men’s Asia Continental Championship

Japanese riders Kensuke Sasaoka, Akira Tanaka, Makoto Nishikawa occupied the top 3 places in 2017 Vans Park Series Asia Continental Championships.

Japanese riders Kensuke Sasaoka, Akira Tanaka, Makoto Nishikawa occupied the top 3 places in 2017 Vans Park Series Asia Continental Championships.

  Photo: Wallace Woon</span>

Wallace Woon

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Pro Tour

Sao Paulo, Brazil June 2
Vancouver, Canada* July 14 
Huntington Beach, CA August 4 
Malmo, Sweden September 8
World Championships China October

*Men’s Only Pro Tour Event 


The 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour is the premier series for professional park terrain skateboarders consisting of four men’s global qualifiers and three women’s global qualifiers spanning five countries over six months and culminating with the official Vans Park Series World Championships. The men’s and women’s park terrain skateboarding 2018 Vans Park Series World Championships will be held in October in China.

Showcasing an international roster of skateboarding’s elite pros and a total series purse in excess of $700,000(USD), the Vans Park Series uniquely defines the park terrain format with its exclusive points system, judging guidelines and qualifying park terrain course criteria. Additional information and live webcast details will be available on the official Vans Park Series iOS app and online.

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