The 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour in Huntington Beach completed its prelim rounds earlier today to determine the final lineup for the men and women’s main event tomorrow, August 4. The VPS Men’s Pro Tour began with 18 challengers gunning for one of ten open spots in the semi-finals. Event wildcard and winner of the 2017 VPS Brazil National Championships, Luiz Francisco qualified in first, with a dominating performance. Luiz’s comfort in the park was no surprise, considering his 2017 finish in Huntington Beach earned him 2nd place on the Continental podium. Strong performances also came from the other two event wildcards, Heimana Reynolds, who earned 2nd, and Zion Wright, known for his street skating prowess, placed 6th, impressing the judges with a well-rounded run that proved he has what it takes to hang with the top-level park terrain skaters.

Live Webcast of the VPS Men's and Women's Pro Tour Finals available on ETN at 1pm Saturday August 4th (PDT)

Schedule: Huntington Beach | 2018 Men's World Pro Tour